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Select from our collection of exclusive land vehicles and watercrafts that you can ride to enjoy the city like never before.

Exclusive Selection From Fun Rentals Miami

Handpicked for the ultimate luxury lifestyle experience.

No other vehicle rental service in the city offers these distinctive selections designed to give you a memorable and special Miami experience.

Slingshot Blue Miami Skyline

Slingshot Automatic

The Slingshot Automatic is an automotive that’s on a class of its own. It is the very statement of extravagance that’s fitting to the Miami setting.

Rent a Slingshot and Experience the indescribable and magnetic effect that comes with being behind the wheel of the Slingshot Automatic.


Slingshot RoofTop

Take stylishness and extravagance to another level with the Slingshot Rooftop. All eyes will be on you while you ride this upgraded version of the Slingshot Automatic through the streets of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Experience being a celebrity for a day or two riding this showstopper.


Private Boat

Cruise the waters of Miami using a private boat that can load up to a maximum of six people. Enjoy the wind and the sunset/sunrise ride aboard a boat customized for your convenience.

There’s no better way to recharge and reconnect with yourself than aboard a private boat in the middle of the sea.


Motorcycle Rentals


Rule the streets of Miami with this supersport motorcycle designed to tackle any urban adventure you can think of. Explore the city from a perspective you’ve never had before.

With the Motorcycle’s intuitive controls, you can focus on the experience you won’t get from riding an ordinary vehicle.


Jet Ski

Looking for a thrilling water adventure in Miami? We offer jet skis for rent in Miami that you can use for water sport activities.

Feel the rush and excitement as you cruise hi-speed through the waters with our jet skis.

Jet skis are available on-demand.


Image Yacht


We offer a yacht rental service that can help you get a dose of Vitamin Sea. It’s the perfect adventure that will revitalize your energy after a long week’s work.

Enjoy the serene 360-degree view of the sea aboard the ultimate luxury vacation platform.

Our yachts are available on-demand.


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